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Why It Is Smart to Keep Your Car Clean

Washing your car may seem like a tedious task, but keeping it clean does have benefits. For example, getting your car washed will keep it free from debris on your windshield and any cameras on the car, making it easier and safer to navigate. Also, keeping dirt and bird droppings on your car can mix with rainwater and chip away at your paint on your car...

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When Do Your Brakes Need Service?

Figuring out if your brakes need service might be something that you are unsure about. Brakes are a vital part of driving safely so making sure that they are always in working order is essential. If you are unsure if your brakes need to be serviced consider the following things.

Do My Brakes Do This?

If your brake pedal feels spongy than that is a sign that your car needs to be checked. A spongy brake pedal is a sign that your brakes are not working properly. Another sign that your brakes are not working properly is if the brake…
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Warning Sings of a Check Engine Light

Cars today are built with a considerable amount of mechanisms and controls that help to provide you with the assurance that the car is running smoothly. One of the most important gauges in your car is your check engine light. A check engine light, which normally will sit in the center of your dash counsel, could be an indicator of a number of different problems.

When your check engine light goes off, the first thing to do is to look at your car maintenance schedule. If your car is past due for an oil change or other basic service, the…
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The RAM 1500 Has Conquered This Dealership

Here at Janssen Chrysler Jeep Dodge, there has been great excitement over the new RAM 1500. We normally have all kinds of great trucks coming in, but there is something special about this extraordinarily powerful vehicle. Many of us are outdoorsmen, and our love for adventure has taught us that, no matter how strong and capable you are, a good machine is very often necessary to reach the proverbial higher grounds.

The RAM 1500 is a 395 horsepower behemoth capable of conquering all terrains...

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"It's a Great Product," Says One More Satisfied Ram Truck Owner

In a pinch, you can't really beat a simple endorsement by a repeat customer. When a home improvement business owner said about his Ram 2500 Truck, "It's a great product," what more can be said?

He has owned Ram Trucks for 15 years. He considers himself part of the Ram Truck family. He raised his family using these great trucks. During the week, he would pick up wood at the lumber yard. He has custom-built 35 homes, so he must be doing something right. Ram is the truck that helped build this great nation...
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Ram 1500 Does Not Make Any Concessions

Whether they need it for work or outdoor activities, people that come to our dealership to purchase a truck usually look for a few particular characteristics. They want a powerful vehicle that will empower them to go that extra mile, reach that secluded valley, or get that coveted contract. The Ram 1500 is the kind of truck we recommend to clients who do not want to make any concessions.

This machine has it all, whether it's power, reliability, durability or capability. Long-traveling professionals and off-road adventurers alike appreciate its EcoDiesel V6 engine. After...
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