How to Tell if Your Fuel Lines Need Service

The fuel delivery system in your vehicle is like a circulatory system that includes a heart and blood vessels. The fuel lines that run through and under your vehicle are the vessels of this system. As such, it is important to keep them in good shape.

Fuel lines deliver high-pressure fuel from your gas tank to your motor. The longer range lines are usually made of steel, while the short-range engine-connection lines are often formed from special polymers.

Over time, the steel lines underneath your vehicle can sustain significant damage from road debris, weather, and age.

To prevent fuel line failure and all of the ensuing consequences, it is important to have your lines and other fuel system components inspected on regular schedules. At our North Platte area service center, we employ certified and skilled fuel system experts who can take a close look at your fuel lines. For more information, swing by Janssen Chrysler Jeep Dodge today.

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