Safety Features of the Ram 1500

For a light-duty pickup truck that still offers all the modern technology features, cabin comfort and road performance drivers require, the Ram 1500 is a popular choice. The rear bed can haul plenty of cargo and the transmission is equipped to handle a range of towing requirements. With the 1500's upgraded safety features, it's a truck that offers plenty of necessities that drivers want.

Harnessing the power of technology and applying it to improving driver and passenger safety, the 1500 offers a cushioned airbag cage that envelopes the cabin's interior, preventing all occupants from striking their head against the side windows. The front seats include forward-facing airbags to cushion occupants against a head-on collision.

The 1500 also constantly monitors the road ahead and behind using radar and cameras to sense the proximity of other vehicles on the road. When cruise control is engaged, the Ram 1500 will automatically maintain the proper distance between cars ahead, automatically slowing or accelerating as the situation warrants.

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