Overheating Engine Issues

There is a small gauge on your vehicle's dashboard that you may not look at often or you may not even know what it really does. This small gauge that I'm talking about is a temperature gauge and it tells you the level of heat that your engine is working at. There is usually even a zone highlighted which shows you the safe temperature zone.

When the temperature starts to increase in your engine, your vehicle may alert you of this or you might see this on the temperature gauge. This is the time to pull over and assess the issue. Driving an overheating vehicle can cause a lot of damage.

The reason your vehicle is overheating can vary. You might need to top off your coolant levels in your engine. You might have something more serious going on like a hole in your cooling system or slipped drive belts. Schedule an appointment with our service center here at Janssen Chrysler Jeep Dodge if your engine is overheating.

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