The Dodge Journey Has Convenient Seating Solutions

Whenever the Dodge Journey is used as a form of transportation during strategic travel situations, every passenger in the cabin greatly benefits. The perks help everyone stay comfortable and safe while the Journey travels to various destinations.

Thanks to the integrated second-row seats for kids, young passengers are totally secured in the Dodge Journey's cabin. These are basically booster seats, and they can be tucked away when they're not used. This means that adult passengers can gain extra space for cargo by folding the second-row seats down flat on the floor. In front of the cabin, the main driver's seat is built like a throne. It's equipped with a lumber adjustment system that moves four ways

Dodge Journey automobiles are available for sale at Janssen Chrysler Jeep Dodge & RAM. We offer informative test drives to people in North Platte, NE and surrounding areas. During test drive sessions, potential buyers experience how the seats provide comfort and support as the Journey travels on the road.

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