Visit Janssen Chrysler Jeep Dodge and See How Durable the Ram 3500 Really Is

While many carmakers might claim that they have built a heavy-duty truck, the Ram 3500 proves it. This is a durable and hardworking machine that you will be proud to own. It has become so popular because of the various design features that have been incorporated into it.

When it comes to the diesel I6 engine under the hood of the Ram 3500, you will find that this one carries 930 lb.-ft of torque. This gives the truck an overall tow rating in excess of 31,000 pounds. You can pull just about anything with this truck and still only change the oil every time you pass 15,000 miles.

The smart diesel exhaust brake is pretty special as well. Even when pulling several tons behind you, going down steep hills will be much easier than you ever dreamed possible. Come by Janssen Chrysler Jeep Dodge when you are ready to take this truck for a test drive.

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