The Dodge Challenger R/T Package Has Vintage Elements

If you need a Dodge Challenger that has a classic vibe and vintage design elements, the R/T package is worth considering. This particular package is specifically built for muscle car fans and dedicated automotive enthusiasts.

As you walk around this Dodge Challenger, you'll admire its 20-inch wheels, which have a black aluminum housing. When you step inside the cabin, you can relax on soft, comfortable seats that feature a leather trim. These are top-of-the-line seats as they're made with Nappa leather, and they have high-performance design elements. On the road, the Dodge Challenger R/T commands attention with its stripe paint scheme during the day. After the sun sets, the Challenger still stands out because it has great high-intensity headlamps that efficiently illuminate the surroundings in dim and dark environments.

Dodge Challengers with the R/T package are available at Janssen Chrysler Jeep Dodge & RAM. This package is very popular among many car enthusiasts in North Platte and surrounding areas.

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