The Dodge Challenger muscle car has high-performance components that are tuned for thrilling drives in North Platte, NE. Stop at Janssen Chrysler Jeep Dodge to test the attributes of this sports car, which is available in the SXT, R/T, SRT Hellcat, and other editions. You can add various racing-type accessories and mechanical technologies to this American legend.

Considered one of the most powerful engine blocks ever produced for a passenger car, the SRT Hellcat V8 engine block is optional in the Challenger. This exclusive powertrain whips out more than 700 net horsepower on the highway or track. Are you curious about the precise output of this signature propulsion system? Access the Performance Pages on the Uconnect multimedia display, which has a touch-sensitive interface. You can even view the history of the tachometer and other critical parameters on the monitor. Additionally, the Dodge Challenger offers an electronic shifter in the updated gear lever, which controls the TorqueFlite transmission system.

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