Janssen Chrysler Jeep Dodge remains impressed with the Dodge Journey mid-size SUV. It has become one of the most popular utility vehicles on the market due to impressive features such as its fuel efficiency. Here are two reasons the Dodge Journey succeeds in fuel economy.

The Dodge Journey averages more than 500 miles per tank of fuel and 25 mpg or higher. Much of the vehicle's fuel economy can be credited to improvements in variable line pressure which allows the vehicle's engine and transmission to work together at improving fuel efficiency. This improved fuel economy does not result in a loss of power thanks to modifications to the intake and exhaust systems. Dodge has worked to make all parts of the vehicle play a role in fuel efficiency.

Here in North Platte, NE you can test drive a new Dodge Journey when you call or visit our dealership today. We'll walk you through all the features on this SUV that provide more economical fuel use.

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